by Michael G. Darwin

Copyright 1994 by Michael G. Darwin. All rights reserved.

Alcor Disclaimer: This manual was written in 1994 by former Alcor president, Mike Darwin, for his own cryonics service company, BioPreservation, Inc., which ceased operation in 1999.  The opinions and procedures in this manual are not necessarily those of the Alcor Life Extension Foundation.  The manual is reproduced here for its educational value in explaining the many challenges of implementing cryonics in practical settings.

In particular, on the subject of premedication (Chapter 7), Alcor cannot provide medical care for living patients and must regard the care and medication of legally living members as the sole responsibility of members and their treating physicians.  To avoid conflict of interest Alcor cannot advocate premedication protocols for cryonics patients.

We regret that none of the figures or references could be included.


Chapter 1: Standby and Transport

Chapter 2: Perspectives on Death and Dying Today

Chapter 3: Meeting the Needs of Patient and Family

Chapter 4: Dealing with the Patients Health Care Providers

Chapter 5: Home Hospice

Chapter 6: Standby and Transport Logistics

Chapter 7: Premedication of the Human Cryopreservation Patient