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Following Hurricane Ian

After reaching out to members in the weeks following hurricane Ian I found there are some potential problems when dealing with natural disasters. Our main concern was for our Florida residents who were potentially impacted by the hurricane. Logistically, reaching out to each individual has been fairly difficult, though it is a priority to us to ensure each member is safe and healthy. Due to this being brought to my attention, I wanted to take a moment to provide some suggestions to any cryopreservation members living in a natural disaster prone area to ensure that Alcor and our members are fully prepared for any need for deployment/standby.
  • Alcor’s #1 advice during an expected natural disaster will always be to temporarily relocate to a safer area. If you live in a strike zone, please take shelter outside of that zone so that if there is a need to deploy, there are no access issues placed on Alcor.
  • Disasters may prevent us from deploying to your area. When natural disasters occur, hospitals and other care facilities may be overwhelmed. There is also the concern for limited access to the area due to weather, flooding, debris, or other blockades.
  • Please ensure your address, contact information, and next of kin or medical power of attorney contact information is all up to date with Alcor if an emergency or natural disaster is expected.
  • If you are suffering from a current medical condition and you believe there may be a need for Alcor during an expected natural disaster, please contact us to provide resources for a relocation to Scottsdale, AZ, to be close to our facility.
  • Lastly, if a natural disaster hits, it would be appreciated to keep Alcor in mind. It would be a significant help to us if you take the initiative to check in with us. Just a quick email or phone call to let us know you are safe and healthy helps ease our concern during those times.
Alcor strives to always put our members first in everything we do. Our time, research, and work is always centered on ensuring the most successful and efficient cryopreservation for our members. This can be advanced when our members are initiatory in the processes. If you have further input, questions, or concerns, Alcor’s Medical Response Director, Shelby Custer, can be reached anytime by email at shelby.custer@alcor.org.

Shelby Custer, BSN, RN, Medical Response Director
Alcor 50th Anniversary Conference June 2022 featured video for the month
Jason Harrow, Board Director at Alcor
on Social and Cultural Change
The Alcor 50th Anniversary Conference in June featured a variety of interesting speakers and topics. Over the next few months we will be featuring some of the topics that were covered during this year's conference.
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Alcor Check-In - Free Trial


Enrollment is open for Alcor Check-In! Be connected to EMTs 24/7 and have additional features through a supporting app. The team of EMTs will call you to check-in at the frequency of your choice (up to once per day) and notify your emergency contacts if needed.

Contact Sarah.Kelly@Alcor.org if you have any additional questions or to return the form below.
Get Started Here - Enrollment/Agreement


Cryonics magazine is delivered quarterly by email to all members of Alcor. If you have not supplied Alcor with an email to receive your copy please send a request to ashley.bettin@alcor.org. As always, you can also view the magazine on our website.

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