The team at Alcor has been very busy this month with cryopreservations. This is not a happy occurrence because we would rather members continue to live, but is something worth noting and it has consequences for our operational planning.
As of Thursday August 25th, Alcor has performed the highest number of cryopreservations in a one-month period. This is definitely a record for Alcor. In addition to four humans, two pets have also been cryopreserved so far this month. For context, the average number of patients per year since 2000 has been just over 8.
Another record for Alcor is the most cryogenic cooldowns running in one day. On Wednesday August 24th, there were three cooldowns on the same day. The Innovation team at Alcor has been very busy designing and building new systems to meet the needs of Alcor members, and to make these achievements possible.  We are very proud of the individual contributions of the Innovation Department, SST Planning, and Logistics. 
You can find a complete list of cryopreservations here. The recent two have not been posted yet because all necessary information is not available.
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Getting the word out

Google Alerts for “Alcor” bring in hits practically every day. For every interview or filming piece we do, often several or many stories result. The most interesting to me in August was one of the very first podcasts with a large audience that I’ve done for Alcor. The show: This Past Weekend w/ Theo Von. We recorded this on August 11, 2022, in the Los Angeles area and it was uploaded to YouTube, Apple, and Spotify on August 16.
A huge number of people still haven’t even heard about cryonics. Most of those who have understand little about it. I was therefore pleased when Theo Von invited me onto his podcast. His episodes bring between 250,000 and 1.6 million views. Theo has over 400 podcasts and you can find his standup special on Netflix. In just 8 or 9 days, our episode has 144,917 views on YouTube and 1,110 comments.
We had a good chat, covering a wide range of issues around cryonics, over almost two hours. That amount of time meant we could cover a lot of ground. Within a few days of the podcast coming out, we did a tour for someone living in the Phoenix area who said he saw the podcast and had to come and take the tour.
Alcor Life Extension Foundation - A look back in time...
by Max More, Ambassador & President Emeritus


10 years ago
Alcor’s 112th patient arrived in late July 2012. A rare, successful last-minute sign-up. Only the second case of the year.
Alcor’s most recent R&D acquisition is a RapMan 3.2 dual extrusion head 3D printer. This machine prints 3-dimensional objects in a variety of plastics such as ABS, PLA and PVA. It can print objects using two different types of plastic at the same time within the same product.
The new data acquisition system was spliced into the existing whole body tubing system prior to our last case and the new system ran in concert with the old DAQ gathering temperature, refractive index and pressure data. Since the system worked so well, The R&D team are going to be using the new system to gather data from now on. Their next step will be to integrate the new systems chiller functionality, which is just another step towards integrating the entire perfusion control system into the O.R. standard procedure
O.R. Upgrades: The VHS tape based video recording system has been replaced by a dual camera hi-definition digital recording system. One Blu-Ray quality camera sits in the corner, showing a wide field of view of activity in the OR. Another HD camera is attached to the surgical light, recording the surgery close-up.
Alcor had a total of 975 members on its Emergency Responsibility List at the end of August. 112 patients. Total members: 1107. There were 39 applicants for membership
We are about to embark on a major project of scanning all the files kept in the file room, most crucially all files on Alcor’s patients. We have just greatly expanded Alcor’s server storage capacity, but files can (with full security precautions) also be backed up off-site.
We are now working on a backup power supply for the OR by installing the equipment needed to connect core OR equipment to the backup generators.
Negotiating significantly lower liquid nitrogen costs.
20 years ago
Cryopreservation of Ted Williams (in July).
30 years ago
Alcor started providing its own cryopreservation as well as patient-storage services. The August 1992 issue of Cryonics presented the member survey results.
40 years ago
Alcor began doing its own storage. Jerry Leaf and Michael Darwin collaborated to bring the first cryonics patient, Dr. James Bedford, who was preserved in 1967, to Alcor’s California facility.

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