Cryonics Leaders Collaborate to Improve SST

A critical component for successful Standby, Stabilization, and Transport (SST) is finding a cooperative funeral home to assist with transportation of cryonics patients.  Cooperation from funeral homes is imperative for timely transport due to the regulations surrounding transportation of human remains across state lines. 

Many funeral homes have demonstrated a willingness to advance the mission of cryonics and, historically, each cryonic organization involved with SST maintained their own list of funeral homes.  A master list of funeral homes willing to work with the four leading cryonics companies has never been aggregated and shared across organizations, until now.  The leadership teams from Alcor Life Extension Foundation, Cryonics Institute, International Cryomedicine Experts, and Suspended Animation have agreed to share each other’s lists of funeral homes, resulting in the creation of the most comprehensive master list in the industry.

Funeral homes who have worked with one of the four leading cryonic organizations in the past have recently been added to the Master Funeral Home List.  Additionally, all four leading cryonic organizations have committed to keeping this list as up to date as possible.  Alcor is honored to collaborate with other leaders in the cryonics industry to advance the field of cryonics. 

If you know of a local funeral home that you believe may be cooperative during SST, please let us know.

Patrick Harris, MBA
Alcor President & CEO

“How Cryonics Allows Us to Travel Through Time”
by Patrick Harris, MBA, Alcor President & CEO. CSQ, June 2, 2021

"The Cryonics Industry Would Like to Give You the Past Year, and Many More, Back" by Peter Wilson. New York Times, June 26, 2021

What is your preferred term for life extension?
Suppose you are talking to someone about your interest in living longer. You want to convey that you want to live not only longer than average, but longer than the current human maximum, maybe a lot longer. And, of course, you want to do so in good health. Further, you support an organized effort to enable anyone who wants it to live possibly centuries or more in excellent health. Saying, “I want to live longer” does not convey your meaning adequately. What term do you use?
Do you say, “I’m in favor of life extension”? “I practice life extension”? Or do you prefer another term, perhaps one of these:
  • superlongevity
  • extended health span
  • indefinite lifespan
  • prolongevity
  • agelessness
  • immortality
  • biological immortality
  • living forever
  • indeterminate lifespan
  • unlimited lifespan
  • negligible senescence
  • radical longevity
  • extended longevity
  • amortality
  • indefinite youth
  • indefinite life extension
  • deathlessness
  • ending aging
  • unfixed lifespan
  • open lifespan
  • open-ended lifespan
  • uncapped lifespan
  • unleashed lifespan
  • boundless lifespan
  • limitless lifespan
  • designer lifespan
  • hyperlongevity
  • undying
  • inexhaustible lifespan
  • unfading life
  • expanding lifespan
  • chosen lifespan
Do you prefer one term for some situations and a different one for others? For example, I quite like “superlongevity”, but it doesn’t feel suitable for all occasions and audiences. Sometimes I prefer “agelessness”, although it’s not mellifluous. “Indefinite lifespan” works quite well but sounds a little dull, and I wouldn’t be surprised if it confused some people. We know that the press almost always defaults to “immortality” or “live forever” but most of us dislike those terms.
What is your preferred term for life extension? Why? In what circumstances? I’m more interested in why you prefer a certain term than in counting the number of people who like each, so please be sure to include your rationale.
Please reply to me directly at I will report on the results. 
--Max More
Alcor Ambassador

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