After 49 years as the world's leading cryonics organization in research, Alcor filed our first patent application!  Alcor’s Manager of Engineering, Jacob Graber, envisions a novel and counterintuitive Intermediate Temperature Storage (ITS) system that may prove very promising for the field of cryonics.  In partnership with an experienced intellectual property attorney, Alcor filed a patent application with the United States Patent and Trademark Office on March 12, 2021 and named Jacob Graber as the inventor.
In the coming months Alcor will work with scientific advisors and the research committee to examine various embodiments disclosed within the patent application and determine the mathematical modeling and prototyping requirements that may lead to a proof of concept for a novel and sustainable ITS system.  Once a determination is made regarding prototyping an ITS system, Alcor will review our fiscal budget to determine if/when we can make investments into this critically important research. 
Alcor is very proud of Jacob’s accomplishment and we are excited to advance novel research in the field of cryonics that improves the care of patients entrusted to Alcor.  To learn more about ITS, click on this LINK by Brian Wowk, PhD that was published in Cryonics, 3rd Quarter 2011.  Please contact us to make a tax-deductible donation to support critical research and the advancement of Alcor’s Mission.

Cryonics Estate Planning 

In recent years, the field of estate planning has been evolving to accommodate special requirements for cryonicists.  After about 20 years of research, Attorney Peggy Hoyt and Cryonics Funding Specialist Rudi Hoffman published a new, easy to read book entitled, “The Cryonics Estate Planning Handbook: Maybe You CAN Take It with You!”.  Within the first few weeks after release of this new book on Amazon it reached a top seller status in the Legal Help category!
Alcor collaborated with the authors to secure discounts for both the paperback and Kindle version of this new book for our valued members.  For the next week Alcor members will receive a discount on this book if ordered via Amazon through this LINK.  Alcor appreciates the generosity of the authors to extend a limited time discount to our members.

RAPID UPDATE - First Cadaver!
Thanks to our generous donors, Alcor acquired our first ever cadaver for research and surgical training!  Our RAPID research goal with this first cadaver was to test the accuracy of intra-lung pressure data collection using an external pressure sensor attached to a small diameter silicone tube inserted partially into the lungs through an ET Tube.  While there are other methods available to directly measure pressure in the lungs, such as MEMS, validating we can acquire pressure readings experimentally by using a remote pressure sensor will help define our Liquid Ventilation development.
In addition to the research objective, we also utilized this first cadaver for surgical training.  One of our local surgeons provided training for our field neuro procedure.  The cadaveric tissue was invaluable for practicing and refining the surgical skills necessary to proficiently perform the procedure in a remote setting.  Continued surgical training with cadavers already earmarked to advance cryonics research improves Alcor’s surgical skills and enhances the care we deliver to our valued patients. 
Research and surgical attendees are extremely grateful to our generous donors and Alcor hopes to continue our RAPID program in the future.  Alcor plans to send a special announcement out with the results of the intra-lung pressure data collection research to anyone who donates to our RAPID program.  To receive a summary of our research results, and to support Alcor’s Mission, please donate to RAPID today at this link or by contacting Alcor.  Thank you for your generous support.

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