Another Matching RAPID Donation!
On January 14, 2021 Alcor announced a confidential donor pledged to match up to $15,000 for reoccurring monthly donations to RAPID.  Another Alcor Member, recently announced he will make additional matching donations for up to $1,000!  Here’s a link on the details to double your donations from The Cryosphere.
Alcor has signed contracts with two procurement organizations and, with the help of our donors, Alcor’s Research Fund raised enough money to procure our first cadaver!  A communication about Alcor’s objectives for this first cadaver is planned to be sent to public donors who contributed to the RAPID strategic initiative.
Did you know you can deduct cash donations to your favorite charity of up to $300 as an individual, and up to $600 for joint filers, for this tax year even if you take the standard deduction?  (Forbes)  By making a modest monthly reoccurring donation of $25 as an individual, or $50 for joint filers, you may be able to take advantage of this valuable tax deduction.  Please donate to Alcor’s Research Fund today and support the RAPID initiative. 
Alcor cannot give tax advice, so we encourage you to speak with a tax professional concerning what may be deducted from your taxable income.  Alcor is a non-profit, federally tax-exempt, 501(c)(3) corporation.  Its Federal Tax I.D. Number is 23-7154039.  No goods or services are provided by Alcor in exchange for your generous donations.
Member Monitoring Service
From the desk of Linda Chamberlain,
Director of Special Projects and Co-Founder of Alcor

Alcor is currently working on a check-in service that will allow our members to be called once a day (the member chooses the time they want to be called) to make sure they are feeling well and have no new health issues they want to report to Alcor.  I am involved in the Beta testing of this service and I am excited that this will soon be available to Alcor members.

The daily calls are made by emergency medical technicians (EMTs) and take less than a moment unless you want to discuss a health issue you are experiencing. I have found the EMTs to be engaging and polite. But not everyone will want a personal call every day, and for those members, an app will be made available for use on their smartphones where they can check-in electronically before the scheduled call from an EMT.

I am 75 years old and live alone. I know that even though my health is excellent, a stroke or heart attack could happen in my sleep. Since I have been using this convenient check-in service I feel much safer because if I don’t electronically check-in or respond when called, the service will call my emergency contact so that Alcor can be called and mount an appropriate response as soon as possible.

But this check-in program isn’t just for seniors like me. It will also offer valuable services to younger people. Those, for example, who like to vacation in adventurous places where they may be difficult to find quickly in the event of a life-threatening accident. You will be able to contact the service provider yourself (the Man Down option) or use the service as a back-up safety contact, for example, configuring the app that if you do not respond by a given time and date, they are to send search and rescue to your GPS location ASAP (the Lone Worker option).

I am personally looking forward to this service becoming generally available to Alcor members after the Beta testing is finished. Keep watching the Newsletter for updates! 
As America, and the world, face these unprecedented times, I want to reach out to membership and explain a bit about how Alcor and our operations have been affected. To begin with, Alcor has a full team ready and willing to respond to all members. This includes members with COVID-19. As always, we must abide by the laws and regulations that govern us and our members. We are ready to do whatever is legally possible to respond to members in need domestically or internationally.

I have received multiple inquiries as to how the pandemic is continuing to impact Alcor. While COVID-19 certainly has made it significantly more challenging for Alcor to be there for our members, it is not impossible. In fact, since the pandemic started, Alcor has successfully been at a member’s bedside in the hospital to carry out SST procedures. Our team is amazingly adept at reacting to any obstacles that may come our way. If you do find yourself in the hospital, for any reason, our team is impressively effective at speaking with healthcare providers, working closely alongside them, and helping them to understand what Alcor, and its members, goals are. That being said, it is becoming increasingly difficult to work within the confines of the necessary, restrictive protocols that most hospitals have implemented. These protocols are in place for ALL patients, not just those with COVID-19. I know our membership, as a whole, has been quite successful in staying safe.

However, I want each of you to make every effort to avoid any and all risky behaviors—not simply those related to the COVID-19 pandemic—that may land you in the hospital at a time when hospitals are increasingly overwhelmed and restricting access to their patients.

I know these are very challenging times for everyone, and Alcor is not immune to those challenges. We have an incredibly strong team here at Alcor and our contractors are second to none. We are working tirelessly to ensure that we can be there for our members when they need us most. We will do all we can, day or night, to provide the care our members deserve. As always, feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions or concerns at

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