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Member Monitoring Mobile App

As announced in the last newsletter, Alcor extensively pilot tested live daily calls with a mobile app supporting emergency response services supported by 24/7 call centers this Summer. We are now entering the beta phase and have enrolled a select group of members.

The calls are brief, and the app is easy to use. The requirements for using the service include being in the US or Canada, having at least one emergency contact that can check in on you if you do not check in through the app or answer the call for that day, and a smartphone (if you will be using the app). The call service can be used on its own without the app if you do not have a smartphone. After we finish beta testing, we expect to release availability and pricing in the Spring.

Sarah Kelly,
Case Logistics Manager

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A new documentary that strongly features Alcor was released on YouTube on December 28. Imagine Beyond: Who Wants to Live Forever? allows us to present some of the case for cryonics, bolstered by good filming and supportive comments from others about life extension. It's unfortunate that the description uses inappropriate terms such as "forever" and "eternal life'. Even so, this is a positive 15-minute piece. Just two days after release, it already has almost 300,000 views.
Filmed at Alcor in November, the production was complicated by the pandemic which meant only one videographer on location, with the producer and director talking to her and to interview Max More via video from England. Thanks to Anna Spelman for shouldering the burden of filming and pulling it off with excellence.
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