October 2020
Introducing the Reintegration Working Group
Alcor will not be able to revive any patients for many decades to come. Although that time is a long way off, we should be thinking about it and planning for it now. For one thing, that’s 
part of Alcor’s mission: “Future restoration of good health and reintegration into society for all patients.”
Cryonics will be less scary to some if we have a clearer picture of the challenges revived patients will face and the ways we can prepare for them. The Reintegration Working Group (RWG) aims to develop ideas and plans relating to:
  • Asset trusts and future-income trusts
  • “Memory books” and ways to fill in any missing memories
  • Legal structures to allow patients to claim their identities and their status as persons
  • An organizational culture that fosters interest in and desire to help those who return from biostasis.
  • Supporting and protecting newly revived patients as they gradually reintegrate into the new world
  • Facilitating contact with other revived cryonauts, if this is desired.
Are you interested in this work? If so, what can you contribute? If you want to inquire about participating, email me.
–Max More


Flu season is upon us and with it comes a unique scenario of having the added risk of COVID-19. As you likely are aware, the flu season in Australia and New Zealand were at record lows as a result of the precautionary measures taken related to COVID-19. My hope is that we will be able to mimic those results by continuing to be diligent with our mask compliance, handwashing, and social distancing. However, that alone will not eliminate the risk of flu completely, of course. Therefore, I think it is critically important to take additional measures to combat the flu. The flu vaccine, according to the CDC, has been shown to reduce the risk of flu-associated hospitalizations, can reduce hospitalizations for individuals with chronic health problems, and can reduce the severity of illness in those that still contract the flu despite being vaccinated. In addition to those benefits, it can certainly help protect those around you who may be more at risk for complications from the flu, even if you are not at high-risk. Let’s all continue to stay dedicated to our compliance with COVID-19 precautionary measures and do our best to mitigate the spread of these deadly viruses. As always, if you receive any diagnoses, I ask that you notify me and keep me updated so I can support you as your Medical Response Director.

Blake Honiotes, BSN, RN, CCRN
Medical Response Director

Virtual Tours of Alcor

During the coronavirus pandemic, Alcor has had to curtail in-person tours. We are currently arranging to offer virtual tours. When you book a tour, you will receive a link to view a video of a tour conducted by Dr. Max More, Alcor’s Ambassador & President Emeritus. During this video tour, many of your questions will be answered. However, you will have an opportunity to ask additional questions during or following the virtual tour, with answers given live by either Max, or Diane Cremeens (Director of Membership), or Linda Chamberlain (Alcor co-founder and Director of Special Projects).


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