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April 2020
Alcor Supports Healthcare Providers
The COVID-19 pandemic sent a shock wave through the healthcare community. Health systems around the globe are strained to care for patients and the limited supply of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) continues to put healthcare providers at risk of infection.
Steve Graber, Director of Innovation, decided it was time for Alcor to support the healthcare community through this crisis. After speaking with healthcare executives, Steve discovered that doctors, nurses, and other providers need more face shields and mask buckles so they can wear PPE comfortably for long work shifts. “ There was an obvious need out there and healthcare providers are at risk. We have resources available at Alcor to help the doctors and nurses on the front line of this pandemic. ” said Steve. 
Steve started researching publicly available 3D print designs for face shield and mask buckles. All the designs he found were suboptimal, so Steve decided to design his own. After a few days, Steve created face shields and mask buckles that print faster, use less material, are biodegradable, cost less, and are more comfortable for healthcare providers to wear.
Blake Honiotes, Alcor’s Medical Response Director, said, “ Steve’s initiative to support the healthcare providers helps Alcor’s members. Our patients get better care and outcomes when Alcor has solid relationships with healthcare providers. Steve is deepening and broadening our connections in the healthcare community by supporting them through this crisis.
Alcor is 3D printing 5,000 units of PPE in the coming weeks for local hospitals and hospice. “ I am very proud of Steve’s leadership in the community. We want to provide more face shields and mask buckles to healthcare workers, but our production capabilities are limited. We are giving Steve’s design away for free to anyone that has a 3D printer and wants to help. Additionally, we are accepting tax-deductible donations, in any denomination, so we can expand our production to support healthcare providers. ” said Patrick Harris, Alcor’s Chief Operating Office.
Steve delivered the first set of Personal Protective Equipment he printed to HonorHealth and the nurses were ecstatic, so much so, that Steve received an appreciation letter from HonorHealth. Local news, ABC15, picked up Steve’s story and aired the piece on Monday, April 27, 2020.

Marji Klima
Director of Operations

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