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March 2020
Alcor Longevity Circle of Distinguished Donors
The Alcor Board of Director is pleased to announce the formation of the  Alcor Longevity Circle of Distinguished Donors . This new organization will honor those members and their foundations that have donated in excess of $100,000 over the past few years to support Alcor and its affiliated organizations. In addition to being recognized in Alcor publications and at conferences and other events, members will also be entitled to:

  • Exclusive access and a quarterly conference call with Alcor Directors, officers, and officials to get in-depth briefings and ask questions and make suggestions
  • Special recognition, seating, and access to officials at Alcor conferences
  • An exclusive yearly, hosted in-person event honoring members with face-to-face interaction with Alcor Directors, officers, and officials
  • A unique, professionally designed and engraved momento of their membership.

These benefits are, of course, overshadowed by the immense gratitude members and patients' families will always have for these especially generous individuals. The Board looks forward to announcing Charter members of the Longevity Circle who qualify by December 31, 2020. New levels of of membership (higher and lower levels of participation) may also be announced in the future.
Innovation & Design - by Steve Graber
ROSC-U Thumper -
Waterproofing Piston Bellows
If you keep up with technical issues related to CMS you may be aware that the Lucas2 chest compression devices we’ve used for years have had a nasty habit of stopping during use. For a long time we attributed this to battery issues, and I worked on several iterations of battery packs to solve the problem. Last year I had a chance to speak with a Physio Controls engineer during an E.M.S. convention at the Phoenix Convention Center. He stated that the Lucas2 design has a thermal overload circuit which can cut power after extended use and make it appear that the battery is no longer working. This information was an absolute shocker to us, because it’s not documented.

During that same E.M.S. convention we encountered Rescue International and saw their new-to-market Rosc-U compression device. We verified that the Rosc-U could run more than 3 hours continuously and we purchased a unit for evaluation.

Unfortunately the Rosc-U device has a serious flaw for our purpose in that it is not even remotely water resistant. In fact, the piston movement actively sucks water up inside the motor unit, causing it to fail. We had to replace the motor section on that first unit and we were duly warned that the device is NOT waterproof.
In order to solve this problem I designed and 3D printed a replaceable flexible rubber waterproof bellows. Testing verifies that it does prevent water ingestion by the piston, but we will learn more after we’ve had a chance to use it on our next local case.
Cryonics magazine survey
Please take the survey
The member survey that was distributed in October 2019 revealed mixed reviews on Cryonics magazine. We would like to delve a little deeper into what the readership would like to see covered in the magazine. Please take our survey so we can refine the magazine to cover what our members would like to read.
Thank you in advance.
Tax Forms
Dues and contributions paid to Alcor can be considered tax deductible, to the extent allowed by law if you are a full U.S. member. Please send an email to if you would like to receive your tax letter for the year and indicate whether you would like a mailed or emailed copy.

Thank you for your contributions for 2019
Associate Membership
One of the benefits of Associate Membership is receiving Cryonics magazine. If you are already a member you can refer a friend.