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February 2020
SST Training in Laughlin, NV
SST Training
Alcor and International Cryomedicine Experts traveled to Laughlin, Nevada recently to meet with Don Laughlin, his executive team, and to conduct first responder training. Fourteen (14) members of Mr. Laughlin’s security detail, who are tasked as first responders in the event of his legal death, attended training.
Left to Right: Blake Honiotes, Alcor Medical Response Director; Patrick Harris, Alcor Chief Operating Officer; Don Laughlin, Eric Vogt, I.C.E. Co-Founder; Sarah Kelly, Alcor Readiness Coordinator
Coronavirus Update
There have been several inquiries to Alcor regarding the Coronavirus (COVID-19) and our level of preparedness. At Alcor HQ, we keep a fully stocked supply closet that includes all protective gear needed (N-95 masks, isolation gowns, etc.) for infectious diseases. Rest assured, we are tracking COVID-19 closely and will continue to do so until it is no longer a threat.

While the safety of our employees is critical to the success of our Members’ cryopreservation, we understand the importance of providing the best possible care to all of our Members when they need our services. Therefore, we will take all precautions necessary to safely reach a Member should their situation call for us to be present. While we cannot bypass government regulations or gain access when quarantined, we will do what we can to reach a Member and transport them to Alcor should they suffer legal death.

The important point to remember is to always update me, your Medical Response Director, should you have any health changes. This will allow us to best be prepared for any situation that may arise as a result of your illness. I am available at any time for urgent matters, my office phone is 480-905-1906 x104. Please feel free to reach out if you have any further questions or concerns.

Blake Honiotes, R.N.
Medical Response Director
Cryonics magazine survey
Please take the survey
The member survey that was distributed in October 2019 revealed mixed reviews on Cryonics magazine. We would like to delve a little deeper into what the readership would like to see covered in the magazine. Please take our survey so we can refine the magazine to cover what our members would like to read.
Thank you in advance.
New Film "2030"
FM-2030 (born F.M. Esfandiary) is an Alcor patient and the subject of the film, titled 2030 . The structure and format of the film are idiosyncratic, clearly being a personal project on the part of director Johnny Boston. The narrative explains that FM-2030 was cryopreserved without identifying Alcor, even while interviewing Alcor’s CEO. The film’s storyline is entirely fictional, imagining a very near-future attempt to revive FM.
FM was cryopreserved in July 2000 under challenging circumstances. Those events alone could have been made into a credible film. FM’s cryopreservation case serves as a sharp reminder of dangers in surrounding yourself with non-cryonicists who have control over your life. FM’s condition would surely have been much worse if Natasha Vita-More did not alert Alcor of FM-2030’s condition and unwavering push to break through the obstacles. In addition, with critical input from a certain leading cryobiologist, FM was only the second person to be essentially or almost vitrified. This was despite a long period of ischemia.
While the film may be disappointing from an Alcor perspective, we hope it brings fresh interest to the works of FM-2030, including his strong and unrelenting advocacy of cryonics and the conquest of death. (One of FM’s books was titled, Countdown to Immortality .) 2030 is now available on many streaming services. 
Continuing to Improve Alcor's Case Capabilities and Procedures
Especially since the September 2019 Annual Strategic Meeting, Alcor’s executive leadership has been tightly focused on enhancing readiness and response capabilities. Our goal is to improve member/patient outcomes by providing the highest level of service possible to Alcor’s members. Among the strategic initiatives created to achieve this objective include:

  • Training: Alcor’s Medical Response Director and Readiness Coordinator will undergo a far more comprehensive training regime than previously available to Alcor staff members. Training will include, but not be limited to, massive assigned reading and learning from cryonics-related published works, training with previous Alcor SST staff, training with current Alcor staff, training at 21st Century Medicine, hands-on training with Provider Partners (e.g. SA and ICE), routine drills on identified issues and actions from case reports, and Alcor plans to work with Critical Care Research for surgical training.

  • Deployment Committee Policy: Together with the Provider Manual, the Deployment Committee Policy clarifies who makes decisions leading up to and during the early stages of a deployment and sets forth guidelines and protocols for such decisions.

  • Alcor Provider Manual for SST: The Alcor Provider Manual clarifies a provider’s obligations leading up to and during SST (Standby, Stabilization, and Transport). Together with a new SOP, it defines proper procedures for transporting patients on ice or dry ice and it also clarifies a new category, “Provider Member Assessment”.

  • Regional Response Capabilities: In partnership with Alcor’s Provider Partners (e.g. ICE & SA) Alcor intends to pilot regional response capabilities, starting with New York. Training programs, certification, division of labor, oversight, etc. are currently in development. Alcor plans for the first regional response training pilot in New York to be scheduled in Spring of 2020. If the training pilot in New York is successful, Alcor will look for opportunities to expand regional training to several geographic areas with high member density.

  • Member/Patient Care Committee: Alcor has recently formed a committee initially focused on improving Deployment, Standby, Stabilization, and Transport care. It is envisioned that the committee will later evolve to investigate cryopreservation care in the future. The committee is comprised of cryonics thought leaders with deep domain expertise. 
Tax Forms
Dues and contributions paid to Alcor can be considered tax deductible, to the extent allowed by law if you are a full U.S. member. Please send an email to if you would like to receive your tax letter for the year and indicate whether you would like a mailed or emailed copy.

Thank you for your contributions for 2019
Associate Membership
One of the benefits of Associate Membership is receiving Cryonics magazine. If you are already a member you can refer a friend.